Creator to generate that Optimize results, and that could be much better if the necessary. Time were ducat to the task of correctly segmenting each of our campaigns. There is an erroneous thought that it is better to carry out a very basic segmentation than not carry out any, and this is not entirely true, since a bad segmentation can harm our campaign more than we think. What are the two main drawbacks that derive from poor segmentation? Too large an audience when we start running campaigns, and especially when we focus on the task of segmenting, we can easily get lost. The vast amount of features and interests available can cloud our vision a bit and make us miss the main objective.

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We must be careful in this regard, since it is easy to end up Kyrgyzstan Email List segmenting too broadly, with very general interests that in the end do not coincide with the real interests of our objective or target audience. An audience that is too small on the other hand, we find audiences that are too limit or delimit, which limit the reach of our campaign too much. It is as negative to err on the side of restrictive as it is permissive when it comes to segmentation. What types of segmentation exist in Facebook Ads? Currently, when we are going to launch a campaign in Facebook Ads we can choose between different types of segmentation, we will detail them a little more below.

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Geographical segmentation that which is aim at a specific WS Phone List territory. For example Alicante km around it segmentation at province level o Spain as segmentation at the country level. Demographic targetingYou can also target by gender or age. Since in the Facebook Ads platform. Business Manager it allows you to choose between several age groups and allows you to select a single sex or both. Demographic and geographic targeting in Facebook ads Segmentation by interests it is possible to find certain interests in the search engine that makes the platform available to us to direct our ads towards them. An example of interest targeting would be sunglasses or womens clothing.

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