Which still has little popularity among the general public, refers to a new idea of ​​a city in which ICTs have a greater role in the relations between citizens and the environment in which they live. These improvements must result in areas such as interactivity, efficiency and sustainability. Broadly speaking, smart cities are characterize by synergies between flows of people and technologies, so that this interrelationship.

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Through strategic and planning decisions, serves to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants. It implies innovation, in terms Japan Mobile Database of infrastructure , put at the service of the social and economic nees of civil society. There is no doubt that, for example, new technologies relate to data connection for example, NFC Near Field Communication have playe a fundamental role in the development of smart cities.

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The Different Territorial Entities

The National Smart Cities Plan One of the instruments that Spain has implemente to cover the growth of smart cities is the National Plan for WS Phone List Smart Cities . This initiative also aims to strengthen the technology industry that functions as the main support for smart cities. A project, which, as the name of the main concept of the article identifies.


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