Organizations opting for a personaliz intranet may want to consider using open source technology . The advantage of this approach is obtaining access to the system code without the ne to purchase a license (which means lower costs), the possibility of freely modifying the solution and changing the supplier. Open source technologies are also associat with the high availability of programmers on the market.

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Choosing a solution that is popular with experts guarantees easy access to companies and freelancers with the necessary skills, as Shandong Mobile Database well as competitive pricing. Drupal has a very large and active community. Numerous companies and individual programmers involv in the development of Drupal regularly release new versions of the system, extend with new functionalities.

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At the same time, one must not forget to adjust the technologies in which the intranet will be built to those currently us in the WS Phone List company. If it uses, for example, PHP, it will be easier to buy another system in this language and maintain it. Integrations Appropriate integrations develop the basic functionalities of the intranet platform. Possibilities of integration with external systems in SaaS software are limit . However, if you decide to create intranet software tailor to your nes, you can add additional tools according to your preferences.

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