By embarking on this adventure, they not only unlocked the transformative power of customer. Journeys but also shattere the boundarie of what was previously deeme possible. A key message from this leader — get starte even if your organization hasn’t been redesigne for customer journeys. The organization will adapt as you go. You can assess where your brand measures in terms of organizational readiness in addition to other key areas of measure. Including customer data, content and design, omnichannel orchestration. And insights and experimentation using Adobe’s customer journey management maturity model. Kevin Lindsay is a 25+ year tech industry veteran and currently leads product marketing for B2C customer. Journey management (CJM) at Adobe — including the industry-leading products Adobe Campaign and Adobe Journey Optimizer.

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Previously, Lindsay held product marketing and strategy roles in digital asset management (DAM), personalization, and testing/optimization at Adobe. Other stops on Lindsay’s tech marketing journey included the enterprise search space and ecommerce merchandising. Lindsay believes that modern, data-driven, and AI-powered CX strategies Nepal Business Email List are key to delivering empathy and personalization at scale across the customer lifecycle.B2B ecommerce has hit the mainstream, with 74% of B2B businesses expecting their websites to generate more than 50% of sales in 2023, according to data from our “2023 B2B Commerce Growth Strategies Survey.

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And as ecommerce adoption continues to grow, B2B merchants are no longer just looking to launch new ways to sell — they now must meet the customer expectation of personalized, hyper-tailored experiences from product discovery to fulfillment. This means B2B personalization has moved from basic to comprehensive. B2B companies are no longer WS Phone List undervaluing the data they’re capturing on their ecommerce sites. In fact, they’re putting it to work. With this data, they’re tuning in to buyer behaviors on ecommerce websites to provide marketing and sales with insights about their customers’ interests and needs. Whether the buyer has logge in recently, searched for a product, or viewe a category, that data can be use to sharpen strategies and personalize the B2B ecommerce experience by.

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