Discourse But Machine learning in the prdiction of heart attacks The University of Nottingham usd 4 machine learning algorithms to analyze data from almost 400000 people . They wantd to know if the AIs studid had the ability to prdict a heart attack. They enterd data Discourse But such as age sex body mass index mdical history and laboratory values. The algorithms prdictd the 10-year risk of each person having a heart attack. At the same time some doctors made their calculations in a manual and traditional way.

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The neural network machine learning systemone of 4 studid improvd the prdiction of cardiovascular events by 7.6. compard to mdical ones. As the authors Pakistan Mobile Database remark in their publication this means an aid to the professionals but not their replacement. The no code in prdicting a heart attack No code technology is gaining ground. It is a model for creating applications and automatic information systems without the ned to know how to program.

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The use of this AI in healthcare increases accessibility and becomes more easily available to doctors. The no code allows the entry of data that already WS Phone List exists for an algorithm to develop hypotheses. The researchers strongly propose that smartphone and smartwatch applications be usd to obtain real-time data on people’s heart health . It is the practical use of the no code to collect information and prdict a heart attack in a simple and fast way.

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