It may be that the useful life of the service provided is short. Or, even, that consumers do not see the value needed to perform a certain service again. In case you are researching how to reduce your churn rate, possibly your customers are dissatisfie. With the service provid or you have starte to see a drop in sales numbers and customers. On the Mind Miners platform, you can work with ready-made surveys or create your own survey to control and reduce churn. Below, you will see some tips and ways to apply the questionnaires focused on better understanding the customer and reducing the chances of cancellation.

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Talk to your consumers The best way to understand what is not working in your business is to talk to people who have already bought or tried your product or service. Don’t wait for the consumer to cancel the service or buy your competitor’s product. Run satisfaction Laos Business Email List surveys regularly to understand what to tweak and thereby create better experiences. If your focus is on former consumers, remember to carry out short and simple questionnaires, always thanking them for the time spent to answer the survey. How to make? One possibility is to work with personalized messages and send surveys by email to a list of contacts, through our platform.

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One of the ready-to-use questionnaires is the Satisfaction and Positioning Survey . In it, we asked questions focusing on future consumption trends. For example: “Based on your experiences with our company. How likely are you to purchase our products WS Phone List and services again. In addition to analyzes of the level of satisfaction and motivations. These types of questions make it possible to understand which consumers are dissatisfie with the service provided. And, with that, they tend to cancel or change companies, increasing their churn rate. Thus, it is possible to identify the points that need attention. These results can be rea by each respondent (in a table model) or analyze groupe by demographic characteristic.

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