It is possible to specify several skills that allow the professional to carry out multipurpose tasks, that is, useful and necessary regardless of their occupation, without prejudice to their specialization or chosen field of work. Among them stand out: Communication skills. Today given Don’t learn the level of competition between brands and organizations. Social media. Linking with communication, managing presence on social networks is a highly valuable skill that many professionals must use to position themselves in the market . Personal administrative management.

The set of tasks that range from billing,

Sending offers to clients, managing our email or participating in events. Are essential for independent professionals. So if they cannot do them themselves they will have to count on someone to do it for them . Computer programming. Today, the majority of tasks involve the management of computer executive email list applications and platforms, which gives rise to a high demand for technological profiles . Networking. Another of the skills that requires computer skills, and that in turn is useful to opt for more and better job opportunities, is the management of our contacts , those people and companies that we have met through different situations or experiences and with which We can share our professional interests.

Thus Don't learn digital or 2.0 skills

Have been established in recent decades as a meta-competence , useful in any professional field. Therefore, it is not surprising that programming and digital marketing. Analytics or big data are part of the most in-demand profiles . To develop this type of skills.  In addition, this platform WS Phone List allows you to access specialized training in many of the most in-demand. Areas in the current market: online marketing. Web development, 3D, programming, Cloud AWS/Amazon and all certified by the University of Alcalá and the Santillana group.

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