Also look at the conversion, what percentage of users us the form, chat or other forms of reaction on the page. Then evaluate the security and spe of the website. On the Internet you will find several applications that allow you to perform a spe test. It’s a good idea to run a spe test on several different tools to determine the average page load time. Also pay attention to the security of your website.

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First of all, you should have an install TLS/SSL certificate and an active HTTPS protocol. This is actually the basis for the safe operation Austria Mobile Database of the website. Also check other subpages for any errors or problems. You can also check what the websites of your competitors or industry leaders currently look like. You don’t ne to go deep into this at this stage, but it’s good to know how your sector is currently doing on this topic.

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An audit on your own is not an ideal solution, but if there is no other option, it is better to conduct such an analysis than WS Phone List none at all. It will definitely facilitate the resign process itself, and also save you what we usually fear the most – the loss of time and money. Step 2. Decide who to entrust with the resign of the website If you’re wondering who to hand over your site for resign, there are several options you can decide on.

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