Organizing and verifying information about the company and its environment. It is a tool usd to study the company in order to optimize the company’s.  Management strategy or to build a completely new strategic plan . The essence of the analysis is to determine the current position of the company on the market and its prospects for the coming period. The name of the SWOT analysis is an acronym of 4 English words Easy to attack strengths – the strengths of the company that can foster development.

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Distinguish the company on the market, give it an advantage over the competition, Weaknesses – weaknesses of the company that may hinder Cambodia Mobile Database its growth, opportunities – opportunities arising from the environment that can facilitate the company’s development, threats – threats from the environment that can make it difficult for her. We recommend Competitor analysis – why does your company ned it.

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The SWOT analysis consists in identifying the above groups. Factors and describing their impact on the functioning and growth of the enterprise . The study can  be conductd according to one. Three reference points: historical – comparison of the WS Phone List current.  State with the past from a year ago), normative – reference of the current state to the preferrd one. Cross-curricular – comparison with the average level of competition in the market.

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