In addition, Essential Real Estate has the option to incorporate 360° videos. On the other hand, it allows payments with PayPal, bank transfer and Stripe. This plugin is completely free. Essential Real Estate 5. Tidio Live Chat If you want to improve communication with your customers, Tidio Live Chat is the ideal plugin. It allows you to have contact with customers in real time and. They can consult their doubts with the web operators. It is fully customizable, so it can be adjust to the design and style of your website. Offers the option to automate some questions and answers. Also, it allows integration with marketing tools such as Mailchimp and Google Analytics.

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It is a completely free plugin. Tidio Live Chat 6.Bookly Bookly is an online booking plugin, it allows users to make reservations and schedule. Appointments directly on the website, this makes it easy to contact clients. It offers the option to customize the design and Ireland Business Email List content of the reservation form and has synchronization with the Google calendar. One advantage is that it sends email and SMS notifications to customers to confirm the reservation. Also, keep track of clients, contact information, reservation history, and any important notes. Regarding the price, it has a free version and $89 for the pro version.

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bookly plugin 7.WP House It is an easy plugin to configure, WP Casa allows you to add addons to further customize your website, for example, it has the advanced search addon so that customers can use filters and find a specific home. Also, it has the integration WS Phone List of Contact Form 7, so customers can be contact directly from the web. One advantage is that the developers themselves have created specific themes to use the plugin, so the web design process is simplified. wp home 8. Agent Press Listings It is an ideal plugin to create a list of properties and be able to manage it, since it gives the possibility of organizing the listings according to specific characteristics that you decide.

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