It is their opinion that counts and not that of the company or the interviewer’s own. The interview, face to face better than by phone or videoconference. A How to treat and value the data collecte in the exit interviews Once the exi. A interview has been conducte, the interviewer must collect the data to compare it to other such interviews.

Their Termination or Suspension

That have been conducte. In addition, it is good to share this information with other members of the company’s Human Resources Qatar Mobile Database team in order to reach conclusions that are richer in content. On the other hand, the data collecte must always be confidential. The importance of knowing the reason for the worker’s departure has been commente.

Cell Phone number list

It Should Be Known That During

If it is due to a specific problem, the bases must be laid to solve it for example. A due to problems with a colleague or. Awith the direct boss ; thus, the WS Phone List escape of other employees who are in a similar situation to the one who. A has left will be avoide. Key points in the exit interview As a summary, we can talk about some key points.


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