This stage is usually into two steps: frontend and backend . On the frontend side, there is a process that “brings” your mock-ups to life and transforms them into a working website. It includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, interactions and some functionalities. The backend, on the other hand, is everything that is hidden from ordinary users. It focuses on building a database and functionalities not found in the frontend.

Visual Studio Code WebStorm

This step involves creating server-side code that handles things like user authentication, database access, and payment processing. A content Norway Mobile Database management system , commonly known as CMS (Content Management System), is also necessary to operate a website . It allows you to modify and create content that is on the site. It also facilitates the control and distribution of digital assets.

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Often allowing multiple users to collaborate on site content in real time. The most popular CMS systems are Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, as well as Shopify, which performs such a function for e-commerce. When implementing WS Phone List the project, it is worth checking whether all functionalities work on different browsers to ensure the same experience for all users. The same process nes to be done for mobile devices as well.

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