If we do this we will be left with the satisfaction that even some of them achiev what we set out to do, and not in the uncertainty of whether all of them learn or no one did. I hope that these strategies propos by Cassany contribute to improving our pagogical task and achieving true learning in our students. Maucallacta*, which in Quechua means “ancient town,” is a pre-Inca and Inca ceremonial-administrative center locat about 12 hours from the city of Arequipa, crossing the towns of Aplao and Yato until reaching Pampacolca (province of Castilla). – the land of the precursor-hero Juan Pablo Viscardo y Guzmán, creator of the Letter to Spanish Americans.

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 This ceremonial-administrative center was made known by Eloy Linares Málaga and currently more is known about it thanks to a larger study by Mariusz S. Ziólkowski, Maciej Sobczyk and Luis Augusto Belán Franco (participation of the University of Warsaw and the Catholic Santa Maria). The complex has an area of ​​45 hectares, of which the area of ​​greatest interest occupies b2b leads almost 25 hectares, made up of a plaza, five kallankas, ushnu, and kanchas. It is important to mention that in that area of ​​Castilla and Condesuyos more than 120 pre-Inca and Inca archaeological complexes were found, and always with a symbolism towards two great apus such as the Solimana and the Coropuna, it is worth saying, an important factor in the presence of dualism.

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And cult of an entity that express itself as an oracle, something that cieza de león indicates in his chronicle and is cit by marco curatola & mariusz s. Ziólkowski in the book divination and oracles of the ancient world (2008). It was call coropuna, on WS Phone List a very large hill cover in continuous snow. And the kings of peru with the most important of them visit this temple making gifts and offerings as to those already mention; and it was consider very certain that, of the gifts and capacocha that this temple was made, there were many loads of gold and silver and stones buri in parts that are not known and the indians hid another large sum that was for the service of the idol.

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