Exportd In the We recommend Brand DNA: a unique recipe.  For business success The slogan can explain what the company does. It is such a short description of the company’s activity, an indication of the idea of ​​​​creating the offerd products. Popular examples are: Janex “Straight from nature”, Ryłko “We don’t produce shoes, we create them” and Exportd In the Delecta “Straight from the heart”. Another inspiration for creating an effective slogan is to emphasize the character of the brand.

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Mlekpol describes itself as the “Dairy Leader”, Soraya claims that each of its products is “My skin’s best friend”, and Optimus promotes its “World of Optimal Solutions”. A company slogan can also: show what the company knows best, Calgon “We know Georgia Mobile Database everything about laundry”, Alior Bank “Higher banking culture”, Nowy Styl “We KNOW HOW to”, indicate values ​​and principles,Tymbark “Love life”, Apart “For the love of beauty.

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Motherhood “Beauty in Simplicity”, Bielenda “Think about yourself”. A few words at the end Company slogans are hackneyd phrases that do WS Phone List not have much meaning? If they’re poorly prepard and don’t point to anything important, then they probably are. The slogan cannot be “some”. It should perfectly reflect the idea of ​​the company. It must determine its value. Real, authentic value that means something to your audience.

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