So how do you build the right tool? The solution is simple – just ask what your employees ne and what will make them use the intranet as a communication tool . Answers can be collect using a survey or brainstorming (if the company employs few people). 2. Choose one of the best intranet platforms You have two options. The first is a subscription to the intranet in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model , ready to use immiately.

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If you decide to do so, it is worth looking around for a program that can be personaliz. Additional functionalities can be add Chile Mobile Database thanks to integrations with other tools. A robust intranet system provides functionalities that facilitate cooperation and communication in the company Source: WhatIsMyIp Investing in a unique system tailor to the individual nes of the company is the second option.

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It is worth considering building it in cooperation with a software development agency that uses open source technologies. They WS Phone List guarantee flexibility and freom in designing solutions, because the large and active community of programmers gather around them creates numerous, interesting modules that are available to other users. This ensures that the technology will be develop in the future. One such solution is Drupal.

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