There May Be total, the following will be drawn: 220 weekly prizes of BRL 2,000 25 monthly prizes of BRL 20,000 2 prizes in the final draw of BRL 250,000 is worth noting that the amounts depose in the savings account must remain applie until the end of the promotion to qualify for the prizes. That is, until the 30th of December. Legal enties and individuals over 18 years of age or younger (duly represente by their legal guardians), domicile in the national terrory.

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Associate or not to a cooperative, may participate in the promotion, provide that they are holders of active savings accounts Romania Mobile Database maintaine at Banco Sicoob. Check out the complete regulation . Savings for non-members At Sicoob, non-members can also invest in savings. People age 16 and over have There May Be the Sicoob Poupança App an exclusive application for those who are not yet members to be able to manage their money in a practical and fully digal way.

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Best of all, the non-cooperative saver also guarantees a Visa deb card wh contactless technology and a virtual card for online purchases except for companies and individuals wh a balance of less than R$100. Thinking especially about WS Phone List children’s financial eucation, Sicoob also offers Kids Savings, so you can teach your child the importance of saving from an early ageMany people dream of conquering their own home, buying a vehicle or even taking a course abroad.


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