Enabling your company to manage and plan marketing, trade marketing and sales actions targete at specific audiences and segmente by geographic .  Connecting your sales channels to offer a personalize and interactive platform, with a Product Locator Map that is integrated into the brand’s website and social networks. In addition, we offer full analytics. Valuable data that helps your company make smart strategic decisions. No technical involvement required from your tech team or data analysts. With the ‘ Local Commerce on Google ‘ module , we help industries to offer or improve the digital presence of retail customers of the brand.

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This happens thanks to our partnership with Google , which allows the creation and management of profiles. As well as content management and post automation. Technology developed by Gofind, in partnership with Google, also generates a free website for partner retailers of the brand. Saint-Gobain , a French multinational that operates in Brazil with brands such as Brasilit, Quartzolit and Telhanorte. It designs, manufactures Austria Business Email List and distributes products for the construction sector. With this initiative, the brand aims to give visibility and reach in digital media to partner retailers. In addition to helping its consumers to know, before they even leave home, where to find their products nearby. The innovation project is a solution developed by Gofind, an artificial intelligence platform that helps industries increase the flow of people in stores.

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Using a multichannel methodology, that is, one that allows brand products to be found online and directs the consumer to the nearest retailer, generating convenience and avoiding stockouts. The platform is available to Saint-Gobain partner retailers free of charge. And it keeps the profile of the stores on the internet updated with photos, addresses, opening hours and telephone numbers. The service is provided by Gofind in partnership with Google WS Phone List and also generates a free store website. Case Saint-Gobain Both the retail profile and the website gain automated posts, based on the catalog of products available in that location, which gives relevance and positioning in the search engine and generates more calls and interactions with customers. “ Every time a consumer searches the internet for our products and finds a local retailer.

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