The ultimate goal would be. A to excee customer expectations through processes that provide adde value and without using any non essential resources. The implementation of LEAN implies that profound long term changes are undertaken, both in philosophy and in management. A at all organizational levels, whenever possible from the perspective of simplification.

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That the best technologies are use. . It implies the adaptation of a proactive work mentality that anticipates changes and assumes Malta Mobile Database that the nee to change is in itself an opportunity to improve. As indicate, the LEAN methodology is not exclusive for productive activities but has a perfect place in the service sector. For example, a sector that frequently makes use of LEAN is the health sector. This is perfectly logical given that it is a sector.

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Limite resources, even more so in times of crisis, and that. A must continue to provide the best possible service to users . Abecause what is at stake is the very foundation of society. , access to quality healthcare for all. While it is true that occasionally WS Phone List there may not be enough resources to support the demand, which would necessarily imply the rationalization of services, the natural consequence of which are the well known and long suffering “waiting lists”, It is no less true.


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