It is divid into stages in which users will perform various actions and feel various emotions. Therefore, an important step at the beginning of the website resign process is to understand and determine what your customers are looking for, what questions they ne to answer and how they will act to fulfill the purpose for which they came to the website. It is worth taking some steps to this end.

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Interviews with users If you want to look at the customer journey, you can check if there are any holes in it that could interrupt the journey Denmark Mobile Database on the page. One of the more common ways to verify this is by interviewing your site users and asking them questions about their experiences, such as: What made you decide to buy product X? How did you get to page? Have you encounter anything frustrating.

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Thanks to user responses, you will gain insight into what they expect from your website and it will be easier for you to define WS Phone List methods to solve problems or improve the user’s journey. User testing on the current website, tests on users Another way to better understand the user journey is to set up tasks for a select group of visitors to your current website. Thanks to this, you will see with your own eyes how potential customers use your site, where they encounter problems, where they go off the path and what part of the page they most interact with.

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