The beginning, the client chose the cheapest offer among software companies and got an application with a bad code. At first, everything work fine, but over time, more and more problems began to appear. The software was slowing down and customers were leaving because they were unhappy with it due to instability and constant crashes.

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The owner of the application finally had enough and decid to hire another development team , now for a higher price, with the right expectation Saudi Arabia Mobile Database that along with the price, the quality of the services provid would also be higher. The client had high hopes for the new development team, knowing that the code ne to be improv. In this situation, only two scenarios were possible.

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Writing the entire application from scratch, which would be associat with huge costs, repairing, piece by piece, what is already WS Phone List there (and would also mean very high costs). Writing the application from scratch Writing the entire application from scratch may seem like a good step. Finally, we will be sure that the code quality will be high and the application will work stably. Unfortunately, as we wrote earlier, this will be associat with huge costs.

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