Content is a form of Saturation of marketing communications. Because the target audience or customers receive too much information from various channels (Overwhelm), causing boredom to the point of blocking ads or skipping those ads. Therefore, doing pure advertising as in the past It has become something that is not suitable for this era. The consumer group or consumers are not comfortable with hard sell advertising, causing brands to find new ways to connect with their target audience. to communicate the value of the brand until it becomes a way to create.

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Branded Content that can finally Netherlands Mobile Database meet the needs In conclusion, what is Branded Content? Branded Content is a marketing technique to create a connection between different types of content or content with the brand. To create target groups or customers to engage with the brand, which Branded Content has the following characteristics Focus on offering value rather than presenting a product or service. Does not focus on direct sales But it’s about making content that creates results for customers. To achieve brand communication or brand mention.

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The measure is the number of comments WS Phone List or brand mentions. create added value to customers or target groups in the form of content that provides benefits that customers truly want to knowto attract the target audience to know how the brand is better than the competitors. That is not rational but mainly emotional appeal. There is a form of creating a story. (Storytelling) from the beginning, middle and end. Branded Content is flexible and adaptable to many formats. Whether it’s a video, podcast, various types of events. in telling stories about the brand Benefits of Branded Content Branded Content can attract target customers to interact or communicate.

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