If you have a blog and would like to learn the techniques to make yourself known, work and position your brand and make a living from a blog, let me tell you that I want to give you good news, since in just one week we will begin a totally free training where You will learn week by week and during 4 webinars, 4 fundamental aspects that you have to work on in your project so that you achieve that goal, and you can definitely make a living from your blog. Isn’t it easy at all? I’m not going to deceive you, when you think about the question how to make a living from a blog.

The BASE of any project How to do a keyword

Million doubts assail you, a lot of paths appear before you, and above all, a space where you have to make many decisions, work on many strategies and dedicate yourself to them. enormous hours to that job, but the training in this training company data will allow you to make better decisions or make more accurate decisions that help you achieve this goal. I have achieved it, I live from my blog, and thanks to the positioning of my brand I have managed to create my own Training School, the Marketing and Web School, just as I achieved my dream thanks to my Blog, you can do it too .

User experience through Transmedia

The free training “4 keys to making a living from a blog” starts on October 29 and ends on November 7. It will be every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. and LIVE. This is the schedule of the different webinars and this is what you will learn in each of them: Webinar 1: “How to create a content strategy that BOOSTS your visibility WS Phone List and authority” Miguel Florido Miguel Florido (October 29 at 7:30 p.m., Spanish time) In this webinar I am going to teach you how to design a roadmap or strategy that helps you boost your brand positioning and the visibility of your project, with the aim of achieving your conversion goals. Designing this roadmap is key to the Success or Failure of a blog, therefore it is very important that you learn how you should design your strategy.

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