Quality of life at work Good facilities and equipment to carry. A out the work Participation in decisions Distraction, joy and satisfaction If we analyze. A these objectives, we realize that most of them are part of what has recently been calle ” emotional salary ” and that it is even more important than the “material salary” as long as the worker has his nees covere and most basic aspirations in terms of food, housing and care of the family.

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Group with which they relate more intimately or closely. Among the objectives that organizations expect from the people who work in them are: Focus on the organizational. A mission Contribute to the vision of the future of the organization Bulgaria Mobile Database Serve internal or. A external customers with quality Focus on goals and results to be achieve. A Engage in continuous improvement and development Work as a team.

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Share knowlege Commitment and deication Talent, skills and competence. A Continuous learning and professional. A growth Ethics and WS Phone List social responsibility As can be understood, all these objectives of both parties cannot be reflecte in the. A classic employment contract that is normally formalize in writing between employer and worker.


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