Include good practices in content management – the ability to moderate entries Good practices for the intranet include not only supporting communication and encouraging the exchange of knowlge and views, but also verifying whether users comply with the rules of social coexistence. Monitoring their activity makes it possible to respond to manifestations of discrimination, mobbing or hate . This allows for the development of a culture of respect and openness in the company.

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The portal administrator should take responsibility for the content publish on it. He can monitor the content himself, but it can Bolivia Mobile Database also be done by a specially appoint moderator. If you decide on the second solution, you will ne the ability to grant permissions to users in your intranet. This allows you to allow specific people to modify, censor and remove content creat by other employees.

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Use personalization Displaying content tailor to the interests of users increases the likelihood that they will be more willing to engage WS Phone List in discussions and use the portal with more enthusiasm. Intranet personalization is especially useful in large companies that employ hundrs of employees . People at different career levels (and thus with different experiences) ne different materials and tools that will facilitate their work. They also have different interests.

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