This simple organizational change has been applie in a large number of hospitals belonging to the British National Health System, NHS, network and has le to significant decongestion in them with a 30 reuction in patient waiting times in the emergency services and the reuction of visits by doctors for the strictly necessary cases, which entails a relief of pressure on the emergency personnel, also a key element.

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In short, it is a very simple and cheap idea, but it means an improvement in workflows, giving them the freeom to follow their own pace, for a better use of resourcesExit interviews are talks that employers hold with workers who Poland Mobile Database have decide to end their employment relationship with the company. Its use is becoming more and more widespread in large corporations.

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Since it is an essential tool to find out why the employee has decide to leave the company and activate the relevant mechanisms to prevent brain WS Phone List drain from the company in question. But is it worth doing exit interviews in the company The answer is a resounding yes. And it is that this type of talks serve to find out the reasons why the worker has decide to voluntarily leave the company and start a new professional adventure.


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