To buy it, since, using it, he will obtain a certain benefit . Example : A brand that promises a benefit to its consumers is Calgon . Its capsules help keep the washing machine free of limescale and prolong its useful life. It is a benefit that appeals to the most rational part of the consumer. By product category It is a positioning strategy consisting of positioning.

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Itself as a leader in a certain sector . Example : Coca Cola is a paradigmatic example of this type of positioning. 2 Opposite : it consists Pakistan Mobile Database of presenting the brand with a differential proposal to those made by other brands in the sector. Example : while many detergents position themselves as the best for removing stains, Norit ‘s value proposition is to take care of the most delicate garments and increase the useful life of clothes.

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Multiple positioning It is the positioning of large multinationals , which include different brands under the same company. Recently it is a saying since it has taken us about two years to implement this system. The first thing that should be clarifie is what WS Phone List an ABC cost system is: one that allows us to calculate the cost of a product or service in the most exact way possible. This cost calculation method should be use by very large companies.


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