Study of the situation : once the segmentation has been carrie out and the target to which the brand is directe has been define, an exhaustive study must be carrie out on the scenario in which the company will operate. A SWOT report can be use for this, with which the weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities of the company in the market will be known. Analyzing the competition is essential, in this phase.

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Since it will allow new opportunities to be identifie , either taking the example of other companies in the sector or betting on a Nigeria Mobile Database differentiating proposal. Defining the brand positioning strategy : there are several ways to position a brand in the market. Using one or the other will depend on the identity of the company.

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Workers Continue to Have a Series of Rights

Its differential proposal and the public to which it is directe. Later, the different brand positioning strategies will be detaile. Implementation WS Phone List of the brand positioning strategy : it is time to take action. When the strategy is already clear, the appropriate channels must be use , those in which potential consumers are, and launch a coherent, emotional and attractive message that pushes them to become customers.


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