Generate direct purchase Of Be part of the community In addition to showing the origin or origin of the brand. To be a true brand, it is necessary to contribute to the development of relevant industries and people around them. Understanding of different cultures openness to gender differences and listen to every problem To solve social problems or create a campaign to campaign for some rights for society. able to create sincerity in solving problems that arise in society Cultivate employee beliefs about the brand culture. Employees are the people who drive a brand’s success.

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To be a true brand, it is imperative Belgium Mobile Database that every employee in the organization understands what they are doing. Understand the purpose of the brand Participate in every process to drive that brand to success. Uniqueness _ Consumers perceive uniqueness as a unique selling point. The point of sale must be strong enough to drive that market. This distinctiveness comes from Brand DNA or the unique identity of the brand. who are not like others that can create a link to the identity of the customer group Clear brand positioning.

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A communicate through slogans WS Phone List or messages in various advertising mia to remind consumers to remember An example of uniqueness can come from honesty. simplicity beautiful design use of innovation and technology An example of an outstanding brand is Apple, whose products are constantly being develop in line with changes in technology and consumer groups. Penetrating new markets and capturing new groups of people This is another strategy that makes the brand stand out from competitors in the traditional market. By positioning the brand differently, Volvo, for example, changes its image that emphasiz safety communications in the past.

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