This is what diversity management consists of, understood in all its dimensions. Types of Diversity: Ethnic and cultural : due to globalization and the free circulation of people, workers, and students, the demographics of customers and users are changing, and for this reason, today we nee to adapt the work teams of our organizations to meet the new customer profiles.

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Belonging to different classes or socio economic strata. Generational: more and more different generations coexist in the same China Mobile Number Database work environment, on the one hand due to the impact of dizzying technological and social development and on the other hand due to the lengthening of working life. Likewise.

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Work In The Minefield

It is also increasingly common to see young managers leading numerous work teams with people of very different ages. Gender: equal opportunities for men and women is a historical debt that in many countries and sectors, society and WS Phone List companies must settle as soon as possible. Capacities: the same occurs with opportunities for people with some type of disability, both mental and physiological. Political, religious, sexual or union orientation.


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