All that we have  The vision and mission of the organization. employees in the organization products and services communication and marketing And it also depends on each type of business, so I want to look at everything from a broad perspective and pay attention to every detail. Ultimately, the term Customer Experience can be one of the main factors that lead to the sustainability of a particular brand. People buy experiences, not product is what software maker Adobe has defin as people don’t buy products But he bought the experience separately.

Where is the target audience

Of creating a Customer Experience in the Kenya Mobile Database form of a digital experience in terms of product development. including digital navigation Become a part of the experience of buying products online Digital Payment How to improve Customer Experience? Customer Experience has many dimensions. But there are four fundamentals: We have to understand (Understand) why we have to make this product. Who are our customer groups? How does the customer experience relate to what we are about to do? Identify clearly how the steps we are taking affect the customer experience. Implement, modify, improve the customer experience.

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It saves us a lot

Measure (Measure) of the whole WS Phone List process, how it affects the customer. when we create any product We have to build from the basis of nes. and the response of the target group mainly which is the end of the era of creating products caus by the nes of manufacturers Because the person who decides to use the product is the consumer, not the era of mass production in the past, but the era that nes to be customiz more specifically. CustomerUser Journey design is an important part. because if unable to draw process flow chart the origin of the products that we do I don’t know how to communicate anything.

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