Platforms such as Booking, Airbnb and TripAdvisor are popular. Therefore, other travel providers ne to keep up with these online platforms and simplify the customer journey to ensure that digitally savvy travelers choose their offerings. The PIM platform helps make the travel experience convenient for customers. The tool can be us to provide access to interactive, up-to-date hotel directories and travel brochures, and then to travel itineraries or information about individual accommodations.

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How it’s working? Travel management Travel companies can use Pimcore to manage and update travel information and Ukraine Mobile Database digital assets (such as hotel photos and PDF tour catalogs) in one software. They can then easily distribute the consolidat data, for example to external online platforms and to the company’s booking system. As a result, customers have access to up-to-date, consistent information ( the same prices or availability of rooms at a given property) when booking accommodation online, buying transport tickets or signing up for tours and sightseeing.

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Automat promotion of tourist packages Travelers like to compare available tours and their prices and search for the best recommendations WS Phone List and user reviews to choose the best travel package for them. Thanks to Pimcore, enterprises or travel agencies can reach their target audience faster than the competition. Product information management allows them to deliver real-time and consistent travel content across multiple channels, including websites, corporate newsletters , social mia, and mobile apps.

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