It will also help ensure the consistency of your brand. However, before you start designing, it is worth collecting inspiration not only visually, but also functionally. A good practice is to list the websites you like with a description of what specifically interest you. By the way, it’s a good idea to prepare a similar list for sites that you didn’t like.

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This helps to avoid confusion in the graphic design process. Although the inspirations do not have to be websites directly relat to your industry, it is worth coming back to this analysis again. Remember, however, that not all solutions Lithuania Mobile Database us by your competitors are good and effective. Step 8. Design website mockups The next step is to prepare mock-ups, and the course of this process depends on the budget. If you can afford it, it’s a good idea to start with low-quality mockups that will allow you to determine the initial content architecture of the website.

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Creating this kind of mockups prevents a large number of corrections at the design stage of target high-quality views, which are WS Phone List definitely more time-consuming. Website mock-ups allow you to determine the architecture of the website and plan the layout of elements. Source: This is also the right time to introduce the first usability tests. They will show you on real users which of the implement solutions will work in reality and which will not.

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