Another feature is that it allows you to import and export property data using CSV files. Provides the option to integrate it with Google Maps and create custom forms. Agent Press Listings doesn’t offer as many features as other plugins, but it’s completely free and worth trying. Agent Press Listings IM Press for IDX Broker Powered by IDX Broker, IM Press for IDX . Broker provides access to a database of property listings. It allows you to customize the appearance of the listings, you can even include your own logos and watermarks. Also, it offers map integration, advanced search options, custom page creation, and custom widgets.

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In addition, it is a great option to collect information from users who visit the web, since. It can be integrate with Gravity Forms, Contact Form  and other contact form tools. IM Press for ID  Broker. Loan Calculator WP It is a plugin that will add Slovakia Business Email List value to users, Loan Calculator WP is ideal for any website related to loans, including real estate, since it creates a detailed repayment schedule with a date based on payments, where the client can see a graph and also a video of the loan. It is a free option so it becomes an ideal complement for your site, it even provides the option of a contact form for the user to make a query.

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WP Loan Calculator Conclusion A WordPress real estate plugin is an ideal complement to improve the functionality and appearance of a website in this area. This is a great help, since you will be able to attract more customers by improving the user experience and offering better customer service. To choose the ideal plugin, you should consider the specific WS Phone List features of the business, but in general it should offer contact form integrations, advanced search tools, and property listings. Keeping this in mind, you can make a choice that suits your website and your business. You can see the URL of the file of the template used by the web.

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