That is, if we divide each number in the sequence with its previous number, the result obtain is getting closer and closer to the value of the golden number and the difference is less and less as we take higher values ​​in the succession. Until now, the golden number has been represent by the greek letter φ or φ (phi), in honor of the greek sculptor phidias. It was not discover as a unit value, but as a ratio or proportion. The value of the golden number is equivalent to , and we are going to know why these interesting properties are given to this number. The golden rectangle and the golden spiral we are talking about art and graphic design, appli to our discipline.

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To better understand the golden ratio and how it came to be appli to art, we ne to explain the creation of the golden rectangle and the golden spiral. Let’s see it in quick steps, so that you can know these two tools well. . If we translate two values ​​of Costa-Rica Mobile Database the previous numerical sequence, we would obtain a table with the following proportion. Fibonacci golden rectangle. If we maintain the same division that we can find in the fibonacci sequence, the result would be the following. Fibonacci golden rectangle. To obtain the famous “golden spiral”, it would be enough to join inside all the perfect squares.

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The golden rectangle and the golden

Golden spiral fibonacci golden ratio both spiral can be us today as another form of composition when developing our creativity in graphic design. A little further down i will tell you how i apply the fibonacci sequence in itorial design to prioritize WS Phone List the typography of headlines and paragraphs. The golden ratio, beauty and the divine the discovery of fibonacci caus a lot of fascination. Later, another italian mathematician and theologian nam luca pacioli publish a book call the divine proportion alleging reasons why the golden number was divine.

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