About water or other perspectives Therefore, we should stick to the marketing objectives and target groups. and adapt appropriately for maximum benefitsIn the era of digital marketing, creating content that is useful to customers is very important. And as we know that Content is a King, creating content nes to respond to what consumers want to know. something that can solve problems for consumers which must come up with a design that is appropriate and beautiful And another thing that is equally important is what format or type of content.

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Will we produce in the digital age that is suitable for the content we have? The type of content depends on the nes of the target audience Saudi-Arabia Mobile Database in each stage of the buyer’s journey. There are mainly three stages in the buyer’s journey, namely the awareness stage of consideration (Consideration Stage) and the decision stage (Decision Stage), but before determining the content format in each stage We should consider and define the characteristics of the buyer (Persona) clearly who they are and what their personality is. What are you interest in? What is your goal in life? What are the challenges.

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Including how is the mia exposure WS Phone List channel? It will allow us to design content and the form of digital content effectively. And can also know the proximity to buy products We call this process Content Mapping. Awareness Stage Blog posts Blogs can generate traffic through your website. And even if there is SEO in parallel, it will make our blog more known and reach more target groups. Building blocks is a form of digital. Content that can create cribility in the online world as well which companies should give priority to Infographicsand graphics in various formats to make.

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