How to calculate do we prepare fix budgets for each project? How much should my fees be so that i don’t drive customers away and make enough money to make it worthwhile? The first thing we must find out is how much we ne to earn in a month (or in a year of work) so that being a freelancer is profitable for you. It is very easy, it only requires a little time, adding and dividing. List all your personal expenses. If you are not very clear about them, i recommend that you consult your bank statements to check where the money is going. Here we must include all the expenses incurr for the business and also the costs of living and working from home.

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Be sure to include any money you save regularly as well. Then add up all the expenses incurr in your professional activity. If you’re a start-up freelancer, you may have to guess at a lot of these expenses. How to calculate Make sure you take into account costs Egypt Mobile Database such as hosting or web hosting, subscriptions, professional software licenses, equipment (computer, printer) and or renting your home. From there you can get a slight idea of ​​the minimum amount of money you ne to earn to make ends meet. I also recommend that you bet on creating a savings cushion for unexpect expenses.

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You never know when your computer might choose vacation. For me, the ideal is to allocate approximately -% of total income always for savings. Oh! Do not forget to carefully assess the amount of taxes that you will have to pay at the WS Phone List end of the quarter. Consult it if you can with your advisor or your agency. Regardless of how you decide to charge your clients for each job, you will always ne to know what the minimum hourly rate you should be earning is, to make sure you never go below that number.

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