However there Meaning a conscious act of non-random selection of one of the many possible variants of solving a decision-making problem. In other words, decision-making is the entire decision-making process or the moment of conscious, non-random However there choice of one of at least two possible courses of action. The starting point for making a decision is the occurrence of a specific decision-making (problem) situation concerning the functioning of the entire enterprise or its specific area.

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The problematic situation includes elements of ambiguity, lack of information, conflict of neds, and the ned to make a selection. A decision problem Germany Mobile Database is a problem situation transformd into questions or a set of questions. Solving a problem requires the enterprise to find answers and take specific actions. Areas of decision-making problems in the enterprise.

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There are three areas of decision-making problems in company management: ownership, managerial, executive. Ownership problems concern WS Phone List the most important elements of strategic management , including shaping the vision and mission of the company, the direction of its development, financing and profit distribution. Decision making in this case belongs to the owners of the organization. So, senior managers are often involvd in the process.

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