I have also explored opportunities, not believe. I have applied for freelance web designers, I have even started working with marketing agencies, etc. As I said, the second semester was terrible, But I did not stop doing things. At the end of the year, the month, I managed to raise my head and finish the year in the month with the highest turnover. Really, I’m relieved because I’ve been seriously thinking about whether my business has a future, Designed for people who want to design their own website but don’t want to invest too much money.

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 “ your website, such as ” is an installation, has a series of plugins ready(some of them are premium latest database plug-ins), has been installed, configured and activated as a standard premium license. This resource works well with my subscriber list, and my sales are in Euro. It may not seem like much, but considering that it is a product that most of the time costs between EUR and EUR. Launch “ web rental” Despite the fact that the second semester business was terrible in number, I never lost my job.

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I tried to turn it around like a fucking asshole, and I didn’t stop growing seeds that could sprout over time. One of the problems I decided to solve was to increase the acquisition and sales of network services. Given that this is the main income route, there is no alternative. I have to be able to increase my WS Phone List turnover. It’s not cheap to have a personalized website designed from the ground up, but that’s not because you have to pay for a suitable website (what am I going to tell you, right?).

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