If the election your e-mail, we will contact you What is the neutral pricing strategy? The neutral price strategy is one of the so-calld framework strategies. Its idea is to determine the relative price level of a given product close to the average prices in a given market. If the election a plan will only succed if the product has other non-price unique features that differentiate it from competing products and thus drive sales.

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The use of a neutral price strategy is therefore a means of positioning goods by: their unique origin – Swiss watches, French champagne, the use of innovative technologies – artificial intelligence in kitchen appliances, the use of the highest quality Canada Mobile Database components – bags made of Italian natural leather, unusual features that competing products lack, additional benefits, brand recognition . We recommend Brand attributes and building a competitive advantage.

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Neutral pricing strategy compard to other framework concepts In summary, the neutral pricing strategy assumes that a product will sell at the market average price when it offers some other addd value – some unique feature that distinguishes it from the WS Phone List competition. And what if the product does not stand out from its market rivals? Then the best solution is to adopt a low price strategy. The concept is to set prices lower than average prices on a given product market.

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