His guests have included Chuiso, Luis Villanueva, Laura Lopez and Romuald Fons. podcast webcamp 14. The Branding Machine Branding is an essential part of a company or brand, that’s why in Yannick. Garcia’s La máquina del Branding channel you will learn from web development to everything related to logos . Also it has a WordPress community with the intention that you get great results. The branding machine Merodio Almost daily Juan Merodio uploads videos about different digital . Marketing strategies, business ideas, the latest news from the digital world and entrepreneurship.

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With videos that are around 10 minutes long, he seeks to.Be clear and concise in his way of reaching people. Juan Merodio Maider Tomasena Copywriting Thanks to the power of words you can connect. With your customers, differentiate yourself from the competition and multiply your sales. And this is exactly what Maïder Tomasena teaches Antigua and Barbuda Business Email List who went from working as an assistant director to creating a copywriting company. On his channel you will find persuasive writing techniques, tips, tricks and tools to write texts that convert.  Judith Catala Judit Catalá is a businesswoman with extensive experience, founder of a digital marketing and communication agency. In her videos, she seeks to help entrepreneurs and businessmen achieve success using all the tools that the internet can offer.

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Judith mayal 18. Luis R. Silva With more than ,  Silva helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals using technology in their favor, through digital marketing strategies and consumer psychology. On his channel, you will learn WS Phone List how to create a professional website for your business, grow your online presence and attract new customers to increase your sales. Louis Silva 19. CyberClick Digital Marketing Cyberclick is an advertising agency, in its channel it focuses on showing the latest trends in Digital Marketing, teaching new strategies, tutorials and tips to take advantage of the different digital channels.

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