Enabling your company to manage and plan marketing, trade marketing and sales actions targete at specific audiences and segmente .  Connecting your sales channels to offer a personalize and interactive platform, with a Product Locator Map.That is integrate into the brand’s website and social networks. In addition, we offer full analytics. Valuable data that helps your company make smart strategic decisions. No technical involvement require from your tech team or data analysts. With the ‘ Local Commerce on Google ‘ module , we help industries to offer or improve the digital presence of retail customers of the brand.

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This happens thanks to our partnership with Google , which allows the creation and management of profiles. As well as content management and post automation. After all, why apply market intelligence to your company? Market intelligence brings numerous benefits to the business, in every sense. After all, with quality information and well-done analysis, it is much Lithuania Business Email List easier to make decisions and get the strategies right. Looking outside and keeping the radar on is the way to improve processes, gain competitiveness and stand out in the market. Furthermore, one of the main advantages of market intelligence is to ensure greater business sustainability, as with structured actions base on qualified insights, marketing choices and decisions tend to be more assertive.

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If you are looking to learn more about technology and innovation to attract more consumers, you must have already faced the challenge of integrating online and offline actions, right? You must also have been frustrate by investing too much in digital marketing campaigns that did not bring the desired return. Well, this shows us that planning that WS Phone List integrates digital marketing actions with traditional campaigns and actions at the POS is increasingly important for new customer acquisition strategies . But what some companies don’t know, however, is that this integration is more than positive and can boost their sales. This happens because the online presence in people’s daily lives has been growing, and it is possible that the entire relationship with the brand is developed even before they think about buying a product.

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