It will be best if you provide employees with several solutions. Attractive functionalities of intranets include , for example, chat, forum, writing short posts (similar to social mia messages) and longer blog articles . Then everyone will be able to choose their preferr method of communication. Real-time communication tools (and not only) are very valuable because they allow you to communicate efficiently with your team, as well as with colleagues from other departments.

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If your company also has meetings in the form of video conferencing on a daily basis, you can consider integrating with software that Honduras Mobile Database enables it. 6. Encourage responsiveness to content Try to encourage your users to share their knowlge and insights on various issues. Create the ability to react to posts ( adding likes, comments or rating content.

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Your employees will be more enthusiastic about posting while paying more attention to what they write. Are you afraid that employees WS Phone List will not want to react to publish content? Implement gamification elements ( activity ranking, assigning points for reactions or participation in surveys) to motivate users to take action. Conduct surveys, ask questions and react to answers, introducing changes in the functioning of the company and intranet.

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