In a situation where a more advanc application is to appear on the backend, to which a develop frontend nes to be attach, it is worth betting on a larger team. It would be good if it consist not only of frontend and backend programmers, but also of testers and designers. This approach will allow specialists to work more effectively, and will give you peace of mind and confidence that everything will go well.

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It works similarly in Droptica. The programmers in our team are real full-stack developers. However, if the client decides, for example, to use headless technology in the project, our specializ frontend specialists will take up this challenge. Full-stack Peru Mobile Database developer and full-stack engineer Even though both names sound almost identical, full-stack developer and full-stack engineer are two different people. A full-stack developer is a multi-talent programmer, while a full-stack engineer goes far beyond that.

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He not only deals with programming, but also knows information systems and project management. He also knows how to deploy WS Phone List and maintain the application in production. If a full-stack developer can be colloquially call a “super-poster”, then a full-stack engineer can be boldly call a “superhero”. In a full-stack development team, an engineer is usually a leader who, thanks to his knowlge, can supervise everyone – programmers, testers and even cybersecurity specialists. As you can see, the difference between these positions – so similar in name – is huge.

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