Notable, for example, in the Unite States, were the actions of the Green Guerrillas group, which occupie lots to convert them into this type. A of orchard. Broadly speaking, urban gardens are beginning to be understood as a kind of new spheres of community socialization. This claim of a self manage nature will be transferre to the Unite Kingdom in the seventies. A of the twentieth century.

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Europe, for its part, has decades ahead of Spain in the cultivation of urban gardens. In this regard, the countries with the India Mobile Database largest area of ​​urban gardens have, in the European sphere, are in this order. APoland, Slovakia and Germany. Brief history of urban gardens in Spain The trajectory of urban gardens in. A Spain cannot be more than brief, despite the fact. A that Spain has historically been a country with a high weight of the primary sector.

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The scarce deication to urban gardens has to do with the extensive agricultural occupation, which has been a fundamental characteristic of rural areas. Therefore, rural areas generate. A garden products; so that, in the cities. Athere was no WS Phone List nee for urban gardens. Developmentalism in the second half of the 20th century was going to bring about intense changes in the conception of agriculture.


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