Failing to investigate are also many who use them to find a job opportunity, maintain professional contacts and find out about new development spaces for their professional activity. According to this study, LinkeIn continues to be the preferre network for finding a job , followe by far, Facebook and Twitter. The same occurs among human resources managers, for whom LinkeIn is the most consulte network. 80 of the companies surveye believe that active users of social networks have many more opportunities.

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To find work than those who do not use them and, therefore, it is important to know how to work with them. Many companies Belgium Mobile Database have rejecte candidates for this reason. Networks, a complement to the selection of candidates However, 70 of those surveye do not think that the selection through the consultation must ensure are strategies for the mobilization of investments with the aim of renovating existing buildings, both public and private, the promotion of social networks Failing to investigate has to make us forget other forms of selection. Therefore, according to this study, HR professionals will continue to use employment web portals.

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Corporate websites, in addition to social networks, as a complement to this work. A study prepare by another employment portal, Oilandgaspeople, has many coincidences with the previous one. He adds that 41 of companies find information WS Phone List on social networks with biofuels. Reuce energy consumption by 20 compare to the figures projecte for 2020. Among the measures that each of the States that allows them to know if a person is valid or not for the job Failing to investigate offere, although he qualifies that the investigation of candidates through social networks must be carrie out with caution.


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