Collaborative work networks is more profitable. The social network as a vehicle for incorporating talent In Spain alone, there are more than 24 million people with daily access to the Internet 2,500 million people, worldwide and who are active on social networks: reaching these profiles not only makes job seekers assets find the company’s offer, but also those liabilities who are willing to change jobs. The “ work with us ” or “ join our team ”, which appears on corporate websites.

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A pull or meet the objectives of reaching talente profiles. That is now a thing of the past. Web 2.0 is no longer static, but it is the Switzerland Mobile Database companies that must move and improve their visibility to be competitive in the market. An adde value must be given so that the most talente people decide to consider sending their CV to a specific job offer. Employer Branding strategies will be develope with the aim of communicating the available vacancy.

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Gaining a space on the spectrum of social networks: in this way, the interest of more qualifie and better traine candidates will be arouse. The benefits of social networks for those who recruit new talent are several. The main one is that they WS Phone List favor the B2B relationship, as well as the transparency of the company and the closest perception, by the candidate, the company’s management team, Human Resources and those in charge of selecting new workers.


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