It Managers line with what had been indicate in the introduction to this article. Regarding the justification of this ruling of the Supreme Court, it is state that the employer is not going to execute any option, given that, for the legal or material reasons suggeste above, the reinstatement of the employee will never be able to become effective. Consequently, both the effective legal protection of the worker and the principle of judicial economy apply.

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It should be note that the companies that had decide to compensate workers who found themselves in these situations would have Kenya Mobile Database ende up paying processing wages that would not be prescribe. If this option depende on the employee.That it lays the foundations for an exception in the treatment of discrepancies between unfair dismissals and processing wages. This peculiarity stems from the fact that it has been verifie that it is impossible for the worker to rejoin the company..

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Said impossibility, for its part, is due to irreversible legal or material complications, such as the cessation of activity of the companies or the closure of the work centers of the Autonomous Communities that manage the jobs in question. In the WS Phone List reference sentence, the Supreme Court reaches a different conclusion from the literal and strict interpretations carrie out by the Law Regulating the Social Jurisdiction and the Workers’ Statute (its article 56.2 regulates the issues associate with processing salaries ). This refers to the perception of processing wages.

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