The word exercises fascination in us as consumers and that is why there are campaigns such as: free washing by filling the deposit; free bread making your purchase on such a site; Free 32 inch television for opening an account at a certain bank. The fine print will take care of qualifying it later, but the hook is simply irresistible for many.

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Don’t talk about money. Many establishments remove the euro symbol € from their menus and price lists. In the online world, it is Bolivia Mobile Database also a common practice. It is not an oversight. Studies show that consumers are more likely to spend if they are not reminde that the number on the menu next to their favorite dessert is indicating euros.

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It is not even strange to find ourselves for the same reasons with numbers written in letters: “ten”, instead of “10”. The mythical 9. As Professor William Poundstone , author of the book Priceless, says, we are culturally conditione to associate WS Phone List numbers ending in 9 with more attractive prices. So well known are the effects of ending in nine that they do not nee much further comment.


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