It Teams Will can also happen that there is a drop in the efficiency of the workers that did not happen before. If you took out only two socks, you could find yourself in the situation that they turne out to be the same color, but the question is what is the minimum number of socks that, when you take them out, you would ensure that you have a pair of the same color, so the answer is no. is valid, since one could come out white and the other black. When creating a model following the principle of the dovecote or the drawers.

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In one of the rooms where the light can be turne on without disturbing anyone, the two drawers are place. In one of them a sign is place that says “white socks” and in the other one that says “black socks”. If those two socks you were Finland Mobile Database talking about were taken out in the dark in the beroom, each one of them could occupy a space in each of the drawers, but if three were taken out, the third one would necessarily have to accompany one of the two previous ones.

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Therefore, the correct answer would be that it is necessary to take 3 socks to be able to form a pair of the same color. People with the same amount of hair Next, another example, this time more complicate and a true classic from the Dirichlet loft. Is WS Phone List there any It Teams Will way to ensure if there are two people in Spain with exactly the same number of hairs? Starting from the fact that in a human head there are at most 150,000 hairs on the scalp, we procee to divide it into drawers. In this case, 150,001 drawers would be neee to organize each of the available options.


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