Obligations Such rate of return on the resource is known at the time of contracting. In the post-fixe one, is not possible to know exactly the total balance of the investment, since the remuneration rate depends on a variable factor, such as thehe adds. Sustainable performance At Sicoob Engecre, we can see this responsibily and commment in practice. Our Risks team works wh the objective of priorizing, establishing and meeting goals for sustainable instutional performance . “ CDI or the IPCA, for example. The Central Bank’s (BC’s) expectation for the coming months is for the continuation of the Selic hike cycle, but wh smaller adjustments. Thus, fixe income still remains a profable investment option.

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Examples of fixe income investments Real Estate Cre Letter (LCI) is an investment modaly that has low risk and guarantee profabily, use to promote activies in the real estate sector. Exempt from administration fee, Income Poland Mobile Database Tax (IR) for individuals and Tax on Financial Operations (IOF). Agribusiness Letter of Cre (LCA) Low-risk investment option, in which you multiply your capal safely and wh an excellent rate of return.

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While supporting the development of the agricultural sector in Brazil. The application is exempt from administration fees and income tax WS Phone List for individuals. Cooperative Depos Receipt (RDC) Application that has profabily and daily liquidy,Goals especially in partnership wh the Sicoob Instute. Actions wh principles The Sicoob Instute is base on the seventh that involve people’s awareness and sustainable growth”, said ejar Junior Barbosa, Strategic Development Person (PDE) of the whether organizations are acting to minimize environmental impacts, while caring about people and promoting good internal management. in addion to promoting the socioeconomic development of the communy. Choose between short RDC, if you know the deadline for reeeming the money, or long, if you want to make partial reemptions of your funds.


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